The “Secret” to Next Level Thinking: Using Media Gigs To Grow Your Business

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

By guest contributor, Lori McNeil

Imagine a world where you obtain the ability to tap into real, relevant exposure through media (and I am referring to the mainstream not social). One very immediate way to grow your business and be recognized as the ‘expert’ that you are, is to be featured in the mainstream media. The reach is virtually limitless.

Being effective when it relates to the media requires you to be aware of what you want, accountable to how you get there, and take carefully calculated action when needed to make it all happen. Awareness and accountability are the internal factors that drive (or that should drive) everything we act upon. Actions are the physical manifestations of how we show up in the world.

The secret to next level thinking related to capturing an audience through media rests on three strongholds. They are:

  • Strategies

  • Skills

  • Systems

In other words, once you know the strategies, have obtained certain skills, and begin to understand how the system works, you will gain more or new media exposure, and your business will grow because of it.

You have no other choice than to SHOW UP.

  • Show up when you don’t want to

  • Show up when they tell you to go home

  • Show up when it looks bleak

  • Show up when you know the time is right (HINT: it is right…. Now)

Awareness is a gift, and today I want to give it to you, the reader. Each stronghold is important and essential in creating growth for your business.

A stronghold is nothing more than a place (in this case your business actions) that has been fortified against an attack. Therefore, when you apply these strongholds to your business, attacks from the negatives, the no’s, and the outside noises will dissipate.

Know The Strategies

In my book, “Media Secrets Revealed” I unpack five strategies that when used consistently have, for me, resulted in a 100% success rate. These five strategies are:

  1. Pre-Planning

  2. Pitch

  3. Preparation

  4. Performance

  5. Post-Planning

Most people only think of the pitch, spend a little time on preparing, and the actual performance time. These are imperative, however the pre and post planning strategies are the most important.

Pre-Planning is all about preparing to be exposed… from two parts. The first part is the research that a media outlet conducts on you (and yes, they do their research), and the second part is the research you do on the media outlet you are wanting to be featured on.

At first glance one might think “how will they conduct research in me when they don’t even know about me yet or I haven’t even pitched them?”

The Answer

The answer is simple. It is about continuity. The continuity of your message and branding are critical. Before you even think about being featured in the media, you must ensure that you have continuity across your platforms. This way you know that you are ready.

There is a ton of research you should do before you create your pitch. To prepare a pitch that is read, learn all you can about the outlet, their needs, their audience, what they are looking for. The big takeaway is that those who are willing to do the work are the ones who will get the results.

Creating your Pitch then becomes easier as you now know what the outlet is all about. You become valuable to an outlet when you provide value to them.


Preparation is the key. Learn about where you will be at when interviewed or perhaps it is a round table discussion or behind a news desk. The goal is not to just ‘memorize’ what you want to say but to be so ingrained in what you believe in that when a curve ball shows up, you can still hit it. Remember that a confused mind will always say no because there is no clarity. Media Secrets Revealed walks you through the best ways to be prepared.

When it comes time for your performance, if you have navigated the first four strategies carefully your time in front of the camera will be successful.

Finally, post-planning is about following up and continuing the conversation past the performance itself. It is a vert intricate and strategic plan of action. The best post planning comes from how well your skill set is maintained.

Obtain The Skills

There are a myriad of skills required to direct successful media gigs that will help level up your business. What tops the list for me is being fearless. Being fearless means that you are free to take risks. Being fearless also allows for personal growth and development, another vital skill.

A few more important interpersonal type skills required are the ability to communicate, the network, and to carry your leadership with you. These come from gaining clarity around knowing your purpose in life, having a vision for your life and business, as well as knowing how to properly goal set.

Finally, one hard core skill required for this stronghold is a strong business acumen. The more you know about business, the more empowered you will become. The one skill that ever entrepreneur (when asked) will tell you is the most critical is that of perseverance. Standing tall through it all builds ever other skill mentioned here.

When you are feeling empowered, your confidence will shine through whatever you do, say, or write. This brings us to the final stronghold that is required…

Understand The System

Another way to talk about understanding the system is to ask what is in it for them. Generosity presides over this stronghold. The more you give, the more you will receive, however there is a catch.

To truly give out of a generous spirit, means that we must know and understand where we are going. When it comes to using media (and this is also a huge part of the post-planning strategy) knowing that the media outlets primary goal is to bring value to their audience.

Certainly we can talk in length about media, yet when we research, view, talk to, and follow up with a media outlet and communicate from the angle of delivering value to that outlets audience, you embody that value.

International Speaker & award-winning Business Coach, Lori McNeil focuses on the foundational tools needed for long-term success. Lori's vast 23 years of experience has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, & FOX, and she is an official speaker for the Think & Grow Rich Legacy World Tour. As a published author 9 books, she coaches entrepreneurs to build a true Legacy that lasts, while using media to reach more people; as taught in her most recent book, Media Secrets Revealed.

Please feel free to contact me through my website at I would be happy to answer additional questions here on at my site. All the best to you and your future.

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