The Top 7 Benefits of Masterminding Success

Guest Blogger, Darrell Gurney,

One of my favorite sayings is “you’re the sum of the seven people you spend the most time with”, so if the people around you are negative complainers who always find a reason why something can’t be done, they will eventually bring you down to their level and you’ll never reach your full potential. This is why you need a Mastermind or Accountability group.

You may not be able to offload negative friends or family, but the best way to be consistently surrounded by positive, motivated achievers is to team up with them by joining a Mastermind and/or Accountability group.

Mastermind Groups

A Mastermind group is a facilitated, peer support group where members pool their knowledge and resources to help each other achieve their individual goals.

It’s ideal for highly self-motivated people who have reached a high professional level. It was first popularized in the timeless and bestselling book, Think and Grow Rich, outlining how the wealthiest and most successful businessmen of the early 20th century built themselves with the minds of others underneath and supporting them.

Today, people pay vast amounts of money to be members of Mastermind groups all over the world and they make a huge difference to your business if you’re looking for next-level stuff.

The Benefits of a Mastermind group

To give you a sense of what Mastermind Groups make possible, consider whether you resemble any of these common personal and business conditions:

1. Stuck, Dazed & Confused

Do you ever find yourself stuck, dazed & confused, running in circles trying to figure out how to best move yourself and your business forward?

In a Mastermind Group, you’re constantly showered with new ideas with which to face your challenges from folks who haven’t bought in to your confusion or the stories you tell yourself.

2. Shared Experiences

Do you wish you had several clones, so each one could be off gaining all the different knowledge and experience you’d like to have but can’t do all yourself?

A Mastermind Group puts you shoulder to shoulder (or, video to video) with a team of other people each with their own worlds of knowledge and experience…all for your benefit

3. Paralysis of Analysis

Do you ever feel paralyzed in decision and directions to take?

A mastermind gives you your own Board of Directors, so to speak, to help direct your efforts. You never have to take their advice, but often a group consensus on your direction from those not in the fray of your confusion can get you moving faster.

4. Committed vs Involved

Do you find yourself surrounded by lots of people with cheap advice but no real committed attention to your challenges?

People with cheap advice are maybe a bit involved, but a Mastermind Group is committed to your success. Kind of like breakfast. The chicken is involved with breakfast, providing the eggs – like people with cheap advice – but the pig is committed, bringing in the bacon – like folks in your Mastermind Group.

5. Your Word Means Something

Do you have great intentions to do the things you say you want to do, but don’t do them because, hey, nobody’s watching anyway, and nobody really cares?

With a Mastermind Group, you’re held accountable by others to keep your word and do what you said you’d do.

6. Good Intentions into Action

In the world as a whole, and for us with no bosses in particular, there’s never any reason to actually give our word to anything, to commit! Again, we mostly operate with a lot of good intentions.

In a Mastermind Group, you must commit to actions you’ll take to move yourself forward each week. By socializing your commitments, you tend to make them happen.

7. Someday Becomes Today

Do you have lots of goals which are schedule for completion “SOMEDAY?” And, given that they have no specific date, they also have no specific structure by which to be completed?

In a Mastermind Group, the goals you take into the group with you get completed, with structures for milestones and deliverable. You get stuff done!


It’s never going to be the “right” time to get outside of your comfort zone and make yourself open, exposed and vulnerable to the eyes, ears, hearts and minds of others. We’re just not built that way as humans, tending more toward operating as Lone Rangers and protective of our inner hopes and dreams for fear of criticism.

As outlined here, the benefits of actively putting yourself inside a committed and trustworthy team of peers actively committed to your success – literally, as if their own success depends on it – makes worth leaping outside of old comfort zones a not-to-be-missed opportunity. . .at every chance you get.

Darrell W. Gurney is a PCC certified executive, business, and career coach by the International Coaching Federation, a bestselling author, licensed spiritual counselor, and speaker for MBA and professional organizations nationwide. See more at and find out more about the benefits of masterminds at

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